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1977 by Purplespace

Purplespace unleashes honest shoegaze pop-rock for the masses. Great melodic grooves and complementary vocals that feel oh so good.


Shoegaze pop-rock for the masses. Great grooves, fun pop melodies, and exceptional vocals complement each track on the followup to 2017’s Beatific, 1977.

Crafting 8 albums since 2007, Purplespace started out as a side-project between members of Starring Me, another Jacksonville, Florida group.

What started out as a fun musical outlet between friends, quickly snowballed into 8 beautiful Albums.

~ Purplespace

The arrangements are exceptional, simple electronic beats underlying some moody, emotional vocal pairings between John Hashtak, Reed Clendenen and Tara Golden. Wrap Your Wings Around Me is a great example of the fun pop melody that is so prevalent on this album.

Droplets shines with a more electronic frontend, while the juxtaposition next to the guitar-laden “Crash” is very poetic with an exceptionally catchy chorus. This is one of the standout tracks on this album, and a must-listen along with Wrap Your Wings Around Me and Cut the Color.

Technical Aspects7.7
Reader Rating1 Vote8.9

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