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Crushing by Julia Jacklin

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Jacklin’s vocal range can be as wide and eerie as Portishead vocalist Beth Gibbons. Vocally this feels subdued. Her voice is controlled and carries this rather menacing folk tone. Julia graces us with such poetic, and starling lyrics.

The instrumentation is lovely, rich and deep tone emanating through what I assume must be some badass vintage electronics. I am literally in awe of the guitar tone on this record. Combined with some slight pop moods, especially on Pressure to Party. The majority of the album swoons with Jacklin’s ardent vocals, an eclectic mash of this not-so-subtle personality.

The groove from Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You, is so smooth. Again I am in love with the guitars on this track. Lyrically, this is so in line with the rest of the album; the songs are wrapped around the emotion of falling out of love, being with the wrong person and finding something new within and for oneself. Gripping stories of leaving and loss are included in Don’t Know How to Keep Loving You, and Body. Both of these tracks tell a story of a person finding themselves apart from their lover, finding this true “self” on their own terms.


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