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EP by Kid Disaster

Kid Disaster’s new self-titled EP, released on August 24th of this year has actually caused me to go back through years of emo and hardcore bands that until lately, had been just filling space on the shelf.  Kid Disaster shares an obvious passion and solid musicianship that I am really enjoying.

Maybe it’s an odd comparison, but I find some tracks similar to early work of The Appleseed Cast (think The End Of The Ring Wars) in its ringing editions of guitar driven emotional angst. The opening track, Lone Lament is a driving tune that features some crisp vocals that have some crazy catchy vibes.

The production seems tight. I do find it a little range-y in the mid’s, however, this reminds me of the early emo bands that were often played by guitarists balling out on combo amps and cheap telecasters.  Honestly, I like the production on the album, lots of hooks and nuance that keeps me engaged throughout.  The vocals are very reminiscent of bands like Saosin (Anthony Green), Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate, all high praise in my opinion.

I look forward to hearing much more from this Boston 4 piece rock band.



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