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Far Out Dust by Talos

Talos leaves an ephemeral wisp of beauty, capturing an estranged love affair around this deep melancholic symphony.

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Talos leaves an ephemeral wisp of beauty, capturing an estranged love affair around this deep melancholic symphony. These 12 tracks are so grand, very subtle similarities with other anthemic writers including Theodore. In fact, they have to be friends, and if not, it’s a shame, a crying shame.

Born in Cork, Ireland, architect Eoin French (Talos), disclosed to the Irish Examiner back in 2017 that his musical rise wasn’t in the plan. Originally looking to move to L.A. and pursue his career in architecture. Sadness aroused in the form of an illness to his partner caused Eoin to reconsider and stay in Cork, leaving little to do.

Drawing the obvious similarities with Bon Iver, and Novo Amor, I find Talos very comfortable pulling into a straighter vocal track where perhaps his peers seem more given into doing their thing. Eoin mentioned his desire to draw on the vocal passion and delivery of Bruce Springsteen while writing and recording Far Out Dust. Honestly, I don’t see much if any similarity between Talos and the Boss. If anything, I appreciate the desire and passion from Eoin to desire a stronger vocal lead in his songs, something I think would’ve really helped to complement 2017’s Wild Alee.

Each track on this album has its own sense of space. Each resonates as a landscape that was created new and purposeful. 2AM brings such an ’80’s synth vibe that actually had me conjuring sonic similarities to Berlin’s classic “Take My Breath Away.” Honestly, that’s a bit of a reach, but the alure is totally there.

I am excited when listening to the large spaces in these tracks; dynamically this album is brilliant. Be sure to take a listen to The Light Upon Us, and In The Fold, both leaving me with literal chills during each listen.

~ jonahholliday

Reader Rating4 Votes

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