Apparat Photo by Contantin Falk
Apparat Photo by Contantin Falk

LP5 by Apparat

Accomplished DJ and performer, , know as delves into works through and wraps you up in layers of beauty.  A member of , as a solo performer or a collaborator with various artists, has an approach that takes dance floor tunes and translates those into symphonic beats that envelop the listener.

LP5 is a beautiful journey from start to finish, masterfully produced, mixed and mastered.  Each track blends into another, creating a memorizing audio journey. This is Sascha’s first solo release since ‘Krieg und Frieden,’ on 6 years ago.  Mixmag did a fantastic review and interview with Ring, where he states:

“I was only able to make the record this way because exists”, says Ring when detailing how the new album came about. “Having a huge stage with gave me a setting for grand gestures and meant I could unburden from these aspirations”, Ring explains. “I don’t have to write big pop hymns here; I can just immerse myself in the details and the structures.”

There are so many beautiful moments, in the horn sections, the dynamics in the subtle vocal tracks and cinematic strings.  This is a beautiful album that really needs to be listened to in a quiet space, to allow the feelings to permeate into your soul.

Watch the video for ‘Dawan,’ here.


A stunning work of art...
is a wonderful songwriter that captures the soul of the music and pours this out for the listener to enjoy. One of my favorite albums of the year.
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