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Mirror Master by Young the Giant

Young the Giant has something for everyone with Mirror Master

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2018’s album by Young the Giant was hailed by some as a moving away from the edgy alternative tunes they have been creating across past albums. This album is a solid release, however it does come across as being much more complementary to the average listener.

Superposition starts the record with prose and eloquent riffs that hold the tempo for the entire release. Solid musicianship and fun hooks keep me listening and enjoying each track. Although I hesitate to say (please share your opinion) that the opening track is the strongest on the album.

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Yes, this album is more commercially appealing. Simple pop sounds carry the bulk of the album. I would argue alongside the many voices out there suggesting that the presence of the album could be stronger. Vocalist, Sameer Gadhia feels tight lipped and less provocative as prior albums. Earlier tunes from their self-titled album in 2011 and later on 2016’s Home of the Strange really showcased a more exotic, less restrained demeanor. Naturally I say this only because I loved the release of Gadhia’s vocals and look forward to more abandonment.

Jacob Tilley(guitar) teases alongside the vocal tracks as per the usual with Young the Giant. The dynamics of the band are so often defined between Tilley and Gadhia playing off each other harmonically.

Mirror Master is a solid album, easy to appreciate, a fun listen with friends.
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