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New State of Mind by Night Riots

Anthemic stadium rock? Yes, it's been a while since the 2017 debut, Love Gloom, and this doesn't disappoint.


Night Riots hail from San Luis, California. Consisting of Travis Hawley (lead vocals), Nick Fotinakes (guitar), Matt DePauw (guitar), Mikel van Kranenburg (bass), and Rico Rodriguez (drums), the band mixes some indie-rock and subtle dance/pop vibes to make a very blended style that is distinctive to similar bands like Vacation Manor and Flor (both of which I will review soon…).

I understand that the band has holed up in the studio for the last year prior to this release. Being extremely busy touring recently on the legs of the previous album “Love Gloom” in 2017. The sounds are very youthful, and the lyrics follow suit. Themes of young love, frustration, emotional responses to general youthful shit that I think every 20 something deals with. Realistically I don’t listen to Night Riots for the lyrics, I just like the tunes, they are approachable, fun and danceable.

So fire up the barbecue, grab a few cold ones and invite some friends over; this is the perfect album to set and repeat.


Production 7.7
Reader Rating1 Vote7.1

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