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Passwords by Dawes

Starry rock with a solid riffing and some aesthetically sensible vocals.


tarry rock with a solid riffing and some aesthetically sensible vocals. is a fantastic backyard album that will provide some ambiance, both in mellow stripped-down ballads (My Greatest Invention) and toe-tapping -rockers like .

The album starts out with really nice guitar tone, driving home this solid feel. , the opening track is a narrative on the divisions in our modern world and I hoped that that sets the stage for the rest of the tracks on the album. The song was written by the band’s vocalist/guitar player Taylor Goldsmith; Taylor’s lyrics are mature and thought-provoking, this vibe really stands out across the album’s collage of moody tunes.

I’m always looking over shoulders
Not knowing what I’m looking for
Now that the feeling someone’s watching
Isn’t just a feeling anymore
Now that both sides of the aisle
Are this good at keeping score
We’ve crossed a line

lyric from Living In The Future, written by Taylor Goldsmith

came out back in 2009 as much more of a folksy group, playing in the likes of Conor Oberst and Chris Robinson of the . Their first release, North Hills, saw () appear on the album and truly poised the band for its subsequent success.

The band has matured and revisioned itself over the years, however, the passion with which Taylor crafts his tunes is still evident.

I suggest you take the time to really listen to the album and make sure to hear the following: Feed the Fire, Telescope, Mistakes We Should Have Made, and the gentler “James Taylor-esque” .

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