Therapy Phase 01 by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Bettinson’s vocals are subtle and poetic and envoke a darker, melancholy persona. All the songs are extremely well versed, and the inclusion of “Drew Love” in Closure is perfectly balanced with Bettinson’s desperate falsetto in “Closure”. Overall the EP is a 5 song collection of heartache, loneliness and isolation.  I am reminded of Jeff Buckley in the tone of the vocals by Bettinson, he lacks Buckley’s raw emotion, but there is something that he seems to have found that is in the least relatable.

Therapy Phase 01 by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Therapy Phase 01 by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

I can’t help thinking that Bettinson must be breaking a bit, these tunes are very relational and share some deep loss. Maybe it’s a bit typical, given his age and likely life experience.  There seems to be a constant theme of “trying to figure it out,” and while I’m not a big fan of this “woe-is-me,” “I’m the last one to know,” “this sucks,” attitude.  I do find the music to sound huge, and once again (Revival) is a complement to the songwriting of Bettinson.

~ Jonahholliday

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Drew Love on Closure
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