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Photo by Eddie Alcazar

To Believe by The Cinematic Orchestra

The songs are crafted on a lush canvas, full of imagination and emotion.

This is a very moving and passionate album that has some interesting arrangements that showcase the band’s depth and comfort in the genre.
The songs are crafted on a lush canvas, full of imagination and emotion. I particularly like the sound of on “A Caged Bird/Imitations of Life,” the track gives me the chills, building throughout using soul-inspired beat drops and cinematic piano overture.

I have always enjoyed the percussive tracks by Cinematic and this album doesn’t disappoint. The beats are driving and strong, but don’t overpower the romantic orchestration of the songs. “Lessons” begins with a driving beat and fills out into a swirling 9-minute montage that has me holding my breath.

Overall every track has me captured and often lost in the beauty of the sounds. This is a powerful album and should be enjoyed in your best audio space.


To Believe

The release of their fourth studio album, To Imagine, in March 2019, is your next step in a process of constant evolution. Born out of the band’s up to date formation, it’s a creative partnership between founder and longtime friend and collaborator Dom Smith, at the side of an extended circle of relatives of regular bandmates and collaborators. Guided by a communal spirit, the changing members are consistent with their ethos, where no individual ego takes precedence. Guest […]

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