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Tough Love by Scenic Route to Alaska

This trio, from Edmonton, AB (up in Canada) is definitely a fun listen.  Straightforward guitar riffs and the effortless resolve coming from these tunes have kept me coming back for more.

Honestly, this is hilarious, but when I hear this album I can’t help but vision a packed out roadhouse bar, with folks drinking some bottle of domestic beer in a dusty amber lit room.  Couple of hard looking 40+ women swaying back and forth focused on the to the wavering hips of the bass player. Sadly, their youth might be fading fast, and these dudes hardly look up while rocking out and pushing three-piece rolling power grooves out on the crowd. Eventually they mellow into their next round, and the band drives their pop influenced “Find My Footing,” to a slightly more inspired crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, the songs don’t put you to sleep, this is a complement to the band for making a musing, introspective album that will be enjoyed by any “Wintersleep” or “Elliott Brood” fan.  Little bit of “Truckers” mixed with some heavy lyrical pop influences.  Big guitar tone and nice hooks lend this to an easy listen that really doesn’t demand your attention, but is a pleasure when you do turn to listen.

~ Jonahholliday

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Fun sound, easy to like and listen too.

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