Penny and Sparrow - Photo courtesy The Boston Calendar
Penny and Sparrow - Photo courtesy The Boston Calendar

Wendigo by Penny and Sparrow

Penny and Sparrow’s harmonies are like a golden river of pure honey, sweet and stuck in my mind.  These songs are mostly a collection of passionate ballad’s that honestly, I wish I could’ve crooned to impress my late night coffee house captives long ago.  The lyrics are obscure and reflective, a poetic mass of thought and reflection on faith, love, death and life.  Trying to be right, being inherently wrong, nothing for nothing this reflects the writers desire to be saved from their fears and brought into salvation.

Wendigo by Penny and Sparrow
Wendigo by Penny and Sparrow

“You salvage me
Cloven a thousand times
Make believe that we
Blown apart could be
Woven and redesigned”
~ There’s a lot of us in here, Wendigo, Penny & Sparrow

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke started out in 2011, and have been silently creating these masterful ballads ever since. Look for a new release coming shortly from Drew Holcomb  & the Neighbors featuring a few tracks with Penny & Sparrow.


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