Jason Martin on IMR with a new album Young in My Head

Young in My Head by Starflyer 59

Jason Martin's 15th Studio Album doesn't disapoint. Starflyer 59 is back at doing what it all started with... more dreamy shoegaze.

is iconic in the Christian indie rock world. has been a household name for years, since the beginnings of the Christian rock movement. Incorporating elements of , Beatle-esque pop and dreamy , Jason has continued to deliver wonderfully crafted indie rock over the last 25 years. Morphing across and over these genres with every album.

Don’t change a thing!” The album rings with earlier sensibilities, bringing in more of the and brit “Smith’s” style than the last few albums. Which featured a much more pop influenced sound.

I’ve never thought of Starflyer as being a very produced band, that’s not why I would choose to listen to it. This is rock, this is emotional and brittle. It will seep into your skin,and carry the weight of your thoughts… It’s really cool.

Ultimately is unmistakably , there really isn’t a substitute as no one can quite pull off the emotion and tonality that Jason has been bringing.

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