Rainbow in the Garden by KEEP IT CLOSE

Found myself in a landslide of sound and emotion in this newly released alternative rock single by German band KEEP IT CLOSE. Forming a band in the little town of Landshut in 2018, what these four mid-twenties musicians have produced is breathtaking.

Rainbow in the Garden snuck up on me a bit unexpectedly. The build is so slow and subtle you hardly know what’s happening to you. Steady percussion. Soft, rhythmic, finger-plucked electric guitars. Inviting but subdued vocal tones. I didn’t know what was coming until an eruption of layered, intense guitar energy and an increasingly passionate offering of the lead vocals. It’s all enfolded in an almost anthemic group vocal backup that is the chorus.

And it keeps going. The last thirty seconds of the song are completely unlike the first thirty seconds. The video (directed by Reuben Hensel) is mesmerizing. The whole band (Luca, Felix, Vincent and Manu) is totally rocking out, guitars and voices all crying out from the gut. What began as subdued ends in screaming.

When you read the story behind the song, it’s all the more stunning in its passion. Rainbow in the Garden is the song of lead singer Luca’s friend who became ensnared- and finally lost- in an addiction to drugs.

Entirely got lost in the endless heavy nightmares,

Where nobody cares who you are.

Stay awake, ’cause after rain comes a Rainbow in the Garden.

Don’t you want to see that?

Rainbow in the Garden follows previous singles Hysteria (July 2021) and A Burnt Out Story (November 2019). Looking forward to hearing what erupts next from KEEP IT CLOSE.

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