I feel like I need to start with some sort of warning label. I was so deeply stirred by this new release–stirred into sadness–that it seems like it should come with a warning: “Do not take with your morning coffee” or “Listen only in groups of two or more.” If one purpose of art is to evoke human emotion, then Welsch producer and singer-songwriter Praers has given us a genuine piece in his newest release Midday Moon.

This is a portrait of depression sonically expressed in a soft, melancholic, and minimalistic electronic backdrop blending with sad, simple piano chording. The imagery of the lyrics is stunning and evocative. The song’s seed first began with a reflection on the tragic death of Scottish electro-pop musician SOPHIE this past January. Falling from a tree (or in some renditions, a balcony) to her death while climbing up to see the moon, Praers was led to explore language and imagery for his own experience of depression.

“When I heard about the death of the musician SOPHIE, and how she was climbing up somewhere to see the full moon when she fell, it changed my relationship to the moon and the way I saw it. … People call depression the black dog but for me it’s a lot more like the midday moon. And this phrase started coming up in my notebooks a lot until it eventually turned into this song.”

The song’s ambiance is like moonlight. Pale. Haunting. Both bleak and bright at the same time. Praer’s vocal work climbs in range, upward, and falls back again into the pale hues of bleakness:

“Midday Moon, what’s left to do, way up there beyond the blue? Midnight Moon, you don’t look right, stuck up there in dead of night. How’d it feel to once have wings? Midday moon don’t feel a thing.”

If you have a friend or loved one experiencing depression, and have struggled to understand, Midday Moon is an artful description that may shed some light.

Midday Moon was released by Kin Records on September 17, 2021 following his previous single Arterial Gold (July 2021).

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