Looking for Attention by Djakarta (featuring Keilimei)

Djarkta’s new single Looking for Attention has certainly got my attention. When looking to describe what I’m hearing and feeling in this track, the emerging words for me are hypnotic folktronica. These French-born, Australian brothers Raphaël and Tristan Stuart have created an almost hypnotic experience with a steady, heart-beat like tempo and a carefully crafted repetition of synth melodies and vocal choruses. Musically, it is somehow both simple and complex. Like humans. Or a blade of grass. Or cinnamon sprinkled on fresh apples.

In Looking for Attention, the electronic ambiance is textured and inviting with light melodies on a warm keyboard, and anchored in deep, reflective bass pulses that weave in and out of the almost canon-like approach of the vocals. I’m in love with the dimension and dynamics of the group vocal work in this track. Featuring Hawaiian singer Keilimei, her voice evokes sweet and sultry flavors which really make this song take flight. Her ultra-feminine vocal tone and delivery intertwine playfully, artfully and masterfully with the chemistry of the Stuart Brothers. It really is canon-like…reminiscent perhaps on some level of that round-like chant you sang on the school playground. It was stimulating and soothing; you woke up with its melodies and rhythms humming in your consciousness.

I’m a thinker, and I admit I like introspective or reflective lyricism. Djakarta’s Looking for Attention doesn’t disappoint. The song explores the avoidance of true intimacy in relationships and the fear of commitment, as expressed in the experience of continual one-night-stands. As I’m writing, I’m realizing how that canon-like approach of the instrumentation and vocal work reflects in sound this cycle of one-night stands. The concept itself is embedded in the song structure. Maybe that’s what makes it all so compelling.

Interested in more of Djakarta? Watch for the release of their next EP Overseas out this October 2021 via Lyrebird Records.

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