Last month, Me and My Shadow, also known as MXMS, released their new single “What’s My Name” in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. War-torn from battles with mental illness and addiction, the duo wanted their listeners to know that it was an important day.

In alliance with World Mental Health Day today, the duo comprised of singer Ariel Levitan and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Dawson release the official music video that shares their autobiographical story, “What’s My Name.” “It is our sincere hope that this song spreads awareness around the consequences of bullying, and it’s lasting effects on mental health,” says Levitan. “We salute anyone who has persevered through darkness. Let’s continue the conversation, speak the truth and conquer all hatred through darkness.” 

In a Flood Magazine exclusive, Ariel and Jeremy share their story and you can read that in full story here.

Like many of the band’s previous singles, “What’s My name” deals with sensitive subject matter best captured with a beautifully haunting delivery, relying on the minimalism of Jeremy’s raw piano and Ariel’s voice.  

“What’s My Name” is auto-biographical, for both Levitan and Dawson who combined their stories and experiences into this harrowing illustration which outlines the intrusive thoughts of a young girl who was adopted and left behind by her biological parents – a young girl who must grapple with her fears and insecurities, a young girl who must endure relentless bullying on a daily basis.

“What’s My Name” Directed By: Cary Longchamps | @zero5four

Wardrobe: Lethal Amounts http://www.lethalamounts.com 

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