All Of This Is True by Melpo Mene

The strolling sound coming from the whimsical guitar layers and elevated progressions keep me wanting more and more. This song is hyper-addictive. I love the vocal softness that pairs so well with the Straight percussive beat and steady bass backend.

Melpo shares the vocals with Russian Red, an eloquent and sensitive vocalist in her own rights. Being fashioned to growing success, Melpo Mene has seen numerous tv placements and shared the stage with some notorious players, Bon Iver and José González to name a couple. Personally, I believe the smooth transitions and meticulously melodic roll in his music, helps him stand out in a sea of indie-pop placements that often look to just recreate what has come before.

This is a song about being where someone else has been, that perhaps nothing is new, or hasn’t been expressed before. I think there is comfort in these thoughts, and it’s a little serendipitous that Melpo has created such a unique soundscape to express this.

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