All The While by Cole Scheifele

Cole Scheifele has a fantastic vocal delivery that really warms up in this track. There is more of an evocative and emotional explosion, with bigger energy coming through in both the instrumentation and tempo.

 “This is one of the only songs I’ve ever written that really breaks open and gets big.”

Cole Scheifele

Another quarantine song, All The While is about living in the moment, exploring the positive life giving aspects of ones life. Cole Scheifele, a Denver singer-songwriter lets the music dictate the direction of the song. He has a knack of crafting thoughtful music, and always seems comfortable dialing in clever lyrics that cause the listener pause and capture the moment to hear the thoughts and feelings he is hoping to convey.

More of an eclectic country-folk singer-songwriter, this tune builds Cole’s pallet, seeing him reach into a little bit more diversity and uptempo flair. There is a definite similarity to The Wallflowers in meter and structure. The beat has a nice slapback and ultimately feels like a great driving song with a great melodic chorus.

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