Apt. 4 by Vacation Manor

Virginia’s Vacations Manor, the project of Nathan Towles and Cole Young, is a lush indie pop duo that has a very altruistic way of presenting a love story in their new song, Apt. 4.

“I had just gotten married last year. The song is about wanting to be home. I don’t want to be okay with being gone all the time. Simultaneously, I don’t want to be so caught up in that feeling that I’m not enjoying where I’m at when I am away. It’s got a lot of tension.”


This new song is from an upcoming EP, Thoughts In Progress, Pt. 1 that is due to release on September 18th.

Apt. 4 has a great feel and lovely melody that careens through the chorus and really swells to a head in the later part of the verse. I think vocally the song is really engaging. The lyric is captivating and the melodic delivery is super catchy. I really appreciate the laid back kit, and the nice balance in the acoustic guitar. There is a slight playfulness in the track, but ultimately that gives way to a more endearing lounge style.

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