Atmosfear by Mammoth Indigo featuring Joey Cook

I absolutely adore the vocal delivery and falsetto throughout this tune. There is so much space given to the instrumentation, and yet the track feels like a gut punch once the strength of these two kick in. This is raw power in the vocal performance that reaches deep into the listener’s soul. The vitality and melodic simplicity are so compelling and so direct. The song continues to charm the listener, from the gradual opening instrumentation through to the more constructed finale; there are moments of vocal adulation and sonic bliss.

I love the comparison to the early work of Band of Horses… the way the song builds and grows in strength is reminiscent of The Funeral on their early album Everything All the Time. Cody Bowers ( songwriter, Mammoth Indigo) and Joey Cook (Post Modern Jukebox, American Idol) combine talents to bring us this wonder. Originally written by Bowers in New Orleans while Cook was a finalist on American Idol XIV. The song was released as a spontaneous Youtube video in 2016, Atmosfear garnered much respect from fans as well as many in the industry. This L.A. duo has now decided to release the track to the masses as something more formal for 2021.

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