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Automatic by Honors

have had some big-time success in their early career. Their debut single “Over”, captured over 20 million streams on Spotify, and reached #1 on the Global Viral Chart. I know you’re asking, “What the hell is the Global Viral Chart??” I have no idea, but it viral and that’s apparently really good. 🙂 Seriously this new track is pretty great. Check it out…

, home R.LUM.R and Cazzette.

This new track, has a great synth vibe that promotes a thumping beat as the backbone. The tune is really a great mix of alt-rock and indie-pop with a fresh vocal ne. It’s a driving song and a summer tune that should be in your rotation.

“We overthink things, often our own detriment and emotional rture. Music uches on something primal that makes you want move, makes you want chant, makes you want fuck, and connects us back the fact that we’re animals. Living and loving fearlessly should be instinctual and .” 

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