Brilliant, crafty, and catchy songwriting. Low Girl writes these wonderful hooks that grab hold and don’t let go. Big now is a great melodic pop jam that has some depth in the lyric.

Written on the desire to stand up, to take on the apathetic and blasé attitudes that consistently derail us all when looking at our current climate change predicament. This desire to not succumb to our own melancholy isn’t lost on me; I am a sloth all too often. Sad. However, even in that despairing self-awareness, I quite enjoyed the melodic playfulness in both the tone and delivery by Low Girl. I have also quite enjoyed hearing this wonderful eerie connection to something akin to a poppier Metric.

Low Girl began writing and working on her musical talents at the young age of 12 in her hometown of Hemel Hempstead. Low Girl worked through her lonely teenage years to hone the melodic majesry she has firmly taken hold of.

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