Blood Wolf Moon by Tommy Ashby

A gorgeous telling of a simple story. Vocally reminiscing on the engagement of emotion and self-awareness while courting their relationship. The lyrics are poetic, stunning, and honest. Musically the track is generous, compiling a lush mixture of instrumentation and catering to the indie-folk crowd.

I wanted to show how much of falling in love can be done long before two people actually have a conversation. Seeing someone and watching how they act around their friends, the tiny interactions and glances; I think introverts notice more of this stuff because they spend so much time observing. And how much more gravity things can have when they take time to unfold.

Tommy Ashby

Scottish singer/songwriter Tommy Ashby’s vocal is akin to Novo Amor or Harrison Storm. The passion is evident, and his pace and delivery are smooth. The track, Blood Wolf Moon, was co-produced by producer Sam Okell, a fellow artist, and double Grammy Award winner. Recorded in a home studio at the start of the pandemic, Tommy brought in his father on double bass and his girlfriend in the subtle backing vocals.

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