Brighter Than Yesterday by Lazy Sidekick

Punk fans will be thrilled and hitting repeat with this classic punk energy new single Brighter Than Yesterday by Melbourne rock band Lazy Sidekick, comprised of band members Tom Dixon, Cameron Owen, Kelby Hughes, and Jay Reid.

It’s everything I hope for when I’m in the mood for punk. In fact, I daresay non-punk fans will find something to love about this track. No matter what your taste in music, if you’re a human living on earth this past year, you’ll love the optimistic defiance of pandemic blues in this tune. The song was written as a punkishly poetic reflection on what opportunities the pandemic has unexpectedly offered, like spending time with neighbors or discovering and pursuing new personal passions.

The energy is aggressive without being angry; sweet electric guitar melodies erupt into driving percussion beats, and edgy layers of gritty guitars become the skeleton of the chorus. Lead singer Tom Dixon’s vocals are strong and engaged, following the fluid flow of raw, melodic guitars and then expanding into the group vocals of a big chorus that give it all a warm and compelling anthemic feel.

The changing expressions of the lead guitar, from soft and almost vulnerable at times, to aggressive and driven seem to genuinely reflect the changing moods of one’s experience in pandemic life. I hear and feel resistance to the negative inertia threatening to pull us all under. And we could all use a little bit of that in our morning coffee, couldn’t we?

It’s bright, it’s energetic, it will wake you up and remind you you’re alive. And that the future of the world, with or without pandemic, is indeed Brighter Than Yesterday if you can adjust your vision Lazy Sidekick style.

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