This is such a lovely tune. I was caught up in the drowning effect of the guitars and subtle push from the kit. Isadora brings her best with these melancholic vocals. The song is moody and carries this hint of organic tube-driven warmth.

This track comes from her recently released EP, “All Night.” A haunting, altogether lovely pressing of Isadora’s effective vocal delivery, and muted songwriting. The tunes are written with a lull that translates into the wake of this depth, balanced by her emotionally charged fervor that comes out all atmospheric and stuff. I don’t honestly know that I understood a single word, but I absolutely loved the emotion and feeling I got listening to it.

The guitars and percussive back end have a gaze about them, more akin to 90s Cure. The stand out for me is really the balance in the songs, a swelling fuzz mixed with her vocal ambiance and eclectic percussive patterns.

I am so eagerly awaiting everything Isadora Eden writes and records. Please share and let the world in on this secret.

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