The intro is introspective, thoughtful, a lull, and ultimate cacophony of sound that builds and runs over the listener with force in the melodic interludes. The pace of vocalist, Tom Prilesky, has a meditative sound, grounded and rooted in the fabric of the song.

The core of the band, consisting of Tom Prilesky (vocals/guitar) and Lisa Moser (vocals/bass) along with a cast of friends over the years, has been silent since 2010. After a near-death experience and a host of sad events, the band was deposed and barren. Tom, in an attempt at healing, began putting together old recordings and found material, while beginning the task of writing, in an attempt at managing the long dark they had experienced. The band wouldn’t/couldn’t be what it was and is now something altogether new.

“It was all so heartbreaking, and logically there was no point in writing for a band that seemingly had no future.” explains Prilesky. “And at the same time, it would have been worse if I had not done it.” 

Tom Prilesky

Comparisons to the Pixies and Bowerbirds are absolutely present, I would go as far as saying that I feel the band or at least this song (Church) is connected with another Canadian, shoegaze/space rock band, Sianspheric. The band, is noted as being more attuned with nature, an alt-folk sound, however this track really brings the spacey and dynamic edge that is much bolder and profound.

“One of my favourite things to do is sit inside empty churches. We had a chance to stay at a church in Stuttgart on our last European tour, and naturally I requested to spend some time in there. As I sat in that enormous space, I began to consider the size of all that exists and has ever existed, and how our religious concepts and structures barely scratch the surface of that. The ‘church’ here is meant more as a concept rather than a place of worship.”

Tom Prilesky

The production really began six years ago by Prilesky and Moser, taking it upon themselves to complete this, their last album, Sail Away. This is the final chapter as it were for the band, and after all they have been through, The Wind Whistles will hopefully leave us on a bold and daring note.

Church – Lyrics

Time is rough, we’re leaves in the maelstrom of the breeze
and towers falls like forests will grow
Down below the wreckage, fossils of a past age
Deeds now undone, many souls now are none
The sea like the sky, mountains will rise
I don’t buy the idea that we’re the sole life in our galaxy
All came before, and all will go on
The sea like the sky, mountains will rise
The land under ice, fires in the night
Who’ll be around to explore in a million years?

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