Circles by James Ollier

James Ollier keeps me on the edge of my seat, awaiting his next gift to the world. Circles is it; a captivating introspective track with compelling accompaniment.

The song builds so gently, with Ollier’s Damien Rice-esque vocal balancing the cello and eclectic percussive elements. I love this story, the outpouring of life and odd consequence. I would be amiss if I didn’t include this line, which comes out so naturally and seemingly effortlessly in the track.

One day you’re the sea the next you’re the stone

Poignant, bitterly true, Circles seems to carry depth, some truth that we all know exists, but haven’t put into words yet. This track will take many listens and much thought and reflection. It will devour my time, listening and relistening for every nuance. After that, I am left on pins and needles, waiting with bated breath to consume his next poetic gift.

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