Don’t they say it’s artists and poets who best reflect culture and history? There’s a little bit of that happening here in New Wolves‘ recent release, City Air. The song captures that refreshing and relieving moment the world began opening again; the galleries, the cafes, the connection with humanity and beauty, and all the experiences which had been locked away from all of us for a while.

We at Independent Music Reviews are devoted fans of Welsch band New Wolves. The track stays faithful to the New Wolves’ promise of warm, textured synth sensations and a dreamy, electro-pop/rock ambiance. City Air is an artful layering of soothing vocal work, all wrapped up in a heartbeat-like tempo, swinging back and forth in synthesized summer sunshine.

Do you remember that moment? I remember. I was in a park. My body was sore all over, like one big bruise, from sitting too much in the same position, sleeping too much in the same position, looking too much at the same things; breathing too much of the same air. We were permitted outside, in public areas. I laced up my running shoes and went to my favorite park. It was newly spring. Freshly cracking ice. Birdsong. Green things poking up cautiously from the cold ground. Humans cautiously peering over their masks at one another from a two metre distance. I tried to make my eyes smile. I breathed in the City Air. Nothing is to be taken for granted.

I love the way New Wolves has elongated and expressed that experience in sound, in sensation. I can feel the hum of the synthesizers on my skin. Love this piece and all the history it has captured so meaningfully, so artfully, so originally.

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