Laura Hyde brings a fierce vocal delivery that strikes some electric melodies. This track is really well produced, showcasing the singer-songwriters enigmatic vocal style. She has some moody dark-senses that absolutely come through in this tune, however, the pulse in her cadence and clarity in her tone rises this tune to the top of the pop lists.

The song has this enormous stadium-quality, the instrumentation is bold and structured to drive power toward the listener. This immense sound leads us, pounding the meaning of the track into our hearts and minds. Lyrically, the song singles out that person we all know, who tries to cover their tracks. We all know someone like that, this song is about us not letting them get away with it; Standing up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves.

“I never thought this song would surface. It was just a voice memo on my phone of me tapping on my dining table and singing ‘Call it Coca-Cola, call it sweet. Causing cavities within my teeth’. The thing is I never drank Coca-Cola. Growing up, I could have any soft drink I wanted… except that one.”

Laura Hyde

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