Comatose by Cape Francis

Kevin Olken Henthorn (Cape Francis) has penned and delivers a subtly paced and well-crafted drama that speaks to personal encounters and experience with life’s hurdles and hope for the outcomes.

The vocals jump out, there are subtle harmonies and little nuances that bring some much depth to the track. There are natural ebbs and flows in the track that pushes me to the edge of my seat and then draws my mind back into the story. I found that the horns and other instrumental forms that complete the track seem perfectly balanced in the mix; there is just the right amount of grit in the guitar and rhythm to make the backbone of the track standout, while not overwhelming the crispness in the lead guitar.

Cape Francis (Kevin Olken Henthorn)

I really want to take a moment to urge you to listen to the horn melody (2:10) and the build-up into the vocal harmonies around the 2:40 mark. This delivery is so large, the power and presence in the composition of the song are just stunning.

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