Raised in the Pacific Northwest and current UK resident, Nolan Garrett has a magical way with melody and delightfully playful delivery. The ambiance and pop-playfulness in “Control Freak,” Garrett’s latest track is stunning. There is a smooth and eclectic attractiveness to the instrumentation and the hypnotic pulse in this new song.

Garrett started out as a bit of a wonder, mastering the guitar at a young age and playing around many who were his senior. He started with a blues-rock approach and ultimately delved into a more personal reflective and delicate nature in his songwriting.

After graduating high school in 2016, Garrett left his hometown of Tacoma, Washington for Liverpool, UK to attend Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. At this time, Garrett began discovering his unique style, his poetic and lush psych-pop vibe that really combines his strengths as a sympathetic songwriter and eclectic composer. The new song, Control Freak is a great expression of his art.

Lyrically, ‘Control Freak’ represents the frustrations of an artist in their search for perfection. It also goes into the sorts of feelings one can get after being locked away for a period of time, fully immersed in their work. You start losing sight of the first person while also feeling removed from reality. “I’m far enough I can ignore, don’t see myself anymore” embody that. And as the process of creation deepens that experience, one begins to think less about external trends and opinions – all of this a blessing for creation but can also take a toll on one’s sense of self.”

Nolan Garrett

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