Dead Together by Dead Little Penny

The track throws together driving, sex-pistols-esque guitar, with Courtney Love-style vocals, and whirling synth, with lyrics that offer up all the facetiousness that has come to be expected from ’s live shows.

“I just really wanted to write a song that pokes fun in a really open and honest way about the shitty things we do for love, friendship, and a sense of belonging.” 

Comprised of members  and Sean Martin-Buss, the three piece create a soundscape of noisy textures, fizzing guitars and ambient synth with catchy fuzz-pop melodies. Their previous tracks, ‘Honeycomb‘, ‘U 4 Me‘ and ‘Depression

is the coming together of guitar-slinging vocalist and songwriter , and drummer/synth player , who create a soundscape of noisy textures, fizzing guitars and ambient synth, paired with catchy fuzz-pop melodies.

What originally began as a dreamy alt-country project, tracks from their self-titled EP received radio play, with the band fast becoming popular amongst musicians in Auckland’s underground country scene.

What seems like an unlikely change of genre, Hayley feels more at home writing with a broken drum machine and an electric guitar. As a teenager, she began making pop- punk and wall-of-sound music in her bedroom with a guitar gifted to her on her 13th birthday. Playing at beer-fuelled house parties in Central Auckland, Hayley became a regular gig-goer, fast drawn to favourites and Die! Die! Die!

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the band originally hail from the UK, with Hayley born in the , , and from .

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