Disappointment of the Tropics by Punchlove

This band has such a fantastic sound, the clean sparkle in the guitar is flexed throughout the track and adds great accompaniment to the rolling bass grove. Check out the 4:15 mark, the bass kicks! There is a shoegaze vibe that takes center stage, however, the progressions and delivery in the track are really adaptable.

Vocally these NYC rockers really take the track to another level; drawing out so much feeling. the vocalist is just so melancholy and moody. I listen to a lot of tunes, and sometimes a great song is just killed by shitty vocals, NOT HERE! This vocal is really incredible, the timing in the delivery and vocal swells just add to and really establish the mood. I think it’s just the pace that really connects with me.

Punchlove dives into this story of the failed British colonization in the tropics, as well as other, dare I say it, more intellectual content on their upcoming EP. I can’t wait to check that out. Bravo!

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