Disintegrate by the Moon Caravan

The Moon Caravan is about to take us into a dream-like realm with their new single Disintegrate, out December 16th. Their songwriting process taps into the unconscious mind and gives it an audible form – elements of shoegaze, ambient textures and reverb come together in this sonic journey that speaks directly to our mortality. Led by Venezuelan American multi-instrumentalist Andy Moon who relocated from Miami to Portland Oregon in late 2012 the band takes inspiration from bands such as Soda Stereo Slowdive Deerhunter & Ride for crafting a unique lo-fi pop soundscape sure not be forgotten any time soon!

Andy Moon’s musical odyssey, the Moon Caravan, began in the sandy shores of Miami before making its way to Portland Oregon. Here he crafted a genre-bending blend of lo-fi pop intertwined with shoegaze elements and infectious rhythms reminiscent of his Caribbean past. Joining him on this journey are Eric Leavelle (Caribe Norwé), Vicco González (Caicedo, Dorotheo Y La Bamba) and Gabe Fernandez; each adding their own unique spice that makes these sonic excursions so special!

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