Don’t Speak Too Soon by Crystal Cities

This band is driving and punchy. The track, Don’t Speak Too Soon, has pushed the Sydney band Crystal Cities to another level of sonic mastery. Produced with the singer/guitarist Geoff Rana, the track showcases the artistry of Rana and the commitment to developing his producing chops, sharing that the learning curve was almost overwhelming at times.

Ultimately this release is a combined effort from the band. After having their first release recorded at Abbey Road Studios, this production pushed their relationship as musicians and the result on the recording is second-to-none.

“One of the biggest mental and technical hurdles I had to overcome was losing all my vocal takes and having to re-record them all over again.”

Geoff Rana

This song is definitely harder, and punchier than that of their first release, Under the Cold Light of the Moon. However, the band hasn’t veered too far away from the dream-inspired rock that they became known for. This energy is felt in the saturation of the guitar and flow in the rhythm throughout the track. The addition of mix-engineer Paul Lani (David Bowie, Prince, Megadeath) really guided their hand in the production and helped to deliver this new sound.

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