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Dorian Dale by 45ACIDBABIES

Debut album by 45ACIDBABIES with the strong single ‘Dorian Dale’. The band is rapidly gaining international fanfare and acclaim with their combustible, boundary-blurring shows, shrewdly incorporating elements of hip hop, dance-punk, garage rock, and pop. This bold, all-embracing approach is extended by often bizarre stage visuals and props. They’ve already shared the stage with a.o. Sleigh Bells, The XX and Millionaire. They are currently on their album release tour, will play at the Dutch radio station 3FM and multiple instore shows to promote their album. Also selected as one of the artists promoted in the Deezer Next campaigns.

45ACIDBABIES are a foul, hard, rough couple of youngsters from Utrecht. With their garage-electro-punkpop they have set numerous venues ablaze! The band guarantees a very energetic live experience. Giorgio who smacks the drums with rattles, Daniël who swipes the lowest strings of his guitar with his children’s arm, Marnix who makes entire crèches weep with his sharp guitar sounds and Sophia with her babydemon-voice.

They are young, raw, unadjusted and hard to characterize. Expect music influenced by Die Antwoord, Sleigh Bells and The Kills. Last year the band played more than 30 shows in almost every shed, bar, ballroom, foyer and recordstore the Netherlands has to offer.

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