The vulnerable catharsis of ”Dry Lungs” marks Swedish artist Birch’s third single release in preparation for his upcoming album “Kite”. The intimate and honest lyrics about when a secret gets to heavy to bear and you just have to tell someone about it is wrapped in a large soundscape that might draw associations to Matt Corby, Mumford and Sons and Bon Iver.

Birch saw the light of day in may this years. He felt like it was time to release something on his own after focusing on his band Travel with the sun for awhile. When twisting up folk traditions with singer/ songwriter spirit, melancholic lyrics and large soundscapes he feels more true to himself than ever before. 

After years of writing followed by intense recording sessions he released the singles ”I’ll be fine” and ”Truth” earlier this summer, earning positive receptions from blogs like A&R Factory and mp3hugger.

”Dry Lungs” was released on October 4th as a building up for the release of the debut album ”Kite”, a story of one persons thoughts, fears and inner crisis. 

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