Enough for You By FERGUS

Another shining gem from the UK, London-based singer songwriter FERGUS gives us his newest single Enough for You. Indie alt-pop with a shadow of melancholy, FERGUS meets us at the opening of the track with gentle guitar lines and appealingly clear, fluid vocals. Stirred by the quality and clarity of the vocal work and transparent, emotionally honest lyrics, the song expands and evolves with subdued yet compelling percussion beats, the texture of layered guitars, and eventually the welcome flight into the sweet fullness of gorgeous vocal harmonies. 

I’ve never loved flying so much as this. 

Longtime fans of FERGUS will want to know this newest track Enough for You is a continuation of his deeply personal story and speaks further to previous singles ‘Concave’, ‘All You’re Not’, and ‘Young Tonight’.  FERGUS explains, “I wrote ‘Enough for You’ when I was feeling desperate after the same old fight with a mean drunk. I felt like I was trying really hard to be who they wanted me to be and make it work, but I kept getting shot down.”

Having spent his formative years singing and touring with professional choirs as well as playing orchestral cello, the trained ear and musical prowess of FERGUS combines with the vulnerability of his lyricism to create a truly beautiful experience. 

With three EPs released to date (2018, 2019), the next EP is due out in 2021.

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