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John and Lemu combine to for FUKC or French UK Connection. Lemu is formerly from the band DEVOTED in the south of France, and John hails from London, coming out of the band Gang of Four. These two have a brilliant connection that has consistentled moved with them as they collaborate across borders.

THey both bring a polorizing skill set that is pushing their creative juices. Lemu comes from an electronic scene where John was grounded in a rock environment. Sharing a passion for the other’s working genre, they seem to have found a match. Both artists taking the best of each others skills to produce a genre blending style that is unique to them.

This new track, Everybody’s Lonely explores the paranoia and judgement of others in today’s society. A fantastic call to action and more ideation around the current state of affairs.

A stream of consciousness that takes on suburban paranoia, informant neighbours and hidden deviancy. It was written quite a few months back but somehow turned out to be quite apt for what everyone’s going through right now; pandemics, lockdown, the BLM protests- a general sense of unease. The lyric hangs from a cyclical riff with every real instrument skewed and twisted out of shape; we wanted it to sound familiar and unknown at the same time.


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