Far Away by BILYK and Endless Melancholy

I am swept off my feet and into a reverie with this newly released song and video collaborated by Canadian artist BILYK and the Ukraine’s ambient project Endless Melancholy. Downtempo in its approach, the chill electronic ambience and trip hop beats draw me into a soothing space of inward quiet. Perhaps what I admire most about the work here is the masterful and seemingly dialectical combinations of mood and tone. The carefully-crafted, cool remoteness of the downtempo electronic backdrop is overlaid with the warm, muted hues of string ambience, the delicate, inviting alto pitch of BILYK’s vocal delivery, and light, human touches on the piano. It feels cool and remote, warm and intimate all at the same time. You may not consider yourself a fan of ambient music, but I have a hard time imagining anyone not enjoying the sound of BILYK’s Far Away playing softly while preparing a meal, sharing a conversation and a drink with friends, working or winding down. It’s just so soothing, so inviting, so comforting. “I’m alive, not alone, forced to fight, to bring you home. So far away, I’m here to stay, again and again.”

If that description isn’t enough to pique your interest, the accompanying video by European filmmaker Roman Hense is absolutely and awesomely stunning. Filmed on the shore of the Baltic Sea on Rugen Island (Germany), Hense visually saturates us with images of overhead shots of the foaming waves of the sea, slow-motion silhouettes of birds in flight, the bases of textured tree trunks bathed in morning sun, and the sprinkling in of the warm, kind human relationship between three children and (presumably) their mother. The slow movements, the themes of togetherness and freedom, the powerful visual presentation of the expansiveness of nature along with the closeness of human relationships, makes this piece of Hense’s truly a work of art on so many levels.

Now living in Calgary, Canada, BILYK has an inspiring and moving personal biography of her upbringing in post-Soviet Western Ukraine, and her first exposures to downtempo music from pirated CD’s cherished by her mother. Growing up in a musical family, her parents at one time even risked denunciation by their commitment to playing in an underground band. I have to admit I love Far Away all the more for the story of life, freedom and vibrancy it tells.

Far Away (released February 5, 2021) is BILYK’s third single in collaboration with Endless Melancholy.

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