Imagine, after a long day that you pack your bag and take the bus to your nearest gym. You open the door and your nostrils are greeted by a wall of sweat. Everyone is here. Your boss, your neighbor, the woman who sells you coffee, your ex-boyfriend. They all run in a line, overlooking the sidewalk. They look great, display a surplus of energy and wear tight-fitting tights. You look at the clock, you are already behind, far behind, so you stand next to them, in the hope of overtaking them.

The song reflects the impossible race of everyday life, against everything and everyone, and it encapsulates the sound of the 3 band members strive for punchy beats and cool chorus. The band tributes their source of inspiration to bands such as ‘Little Dragon’, ‘Emma Pi’ and ‘Spleen United’. “It’s a raw song, with a melancholy ecstasy-chorus, which is about living in a time when all of us want to be the fastest runner… ” – Lead singer, Line Ammitzboell.

EmmaDop is a synth-pop trio from Aarhus, consisting of:

Line Ammitzbøll Søndergaard(vokal/keys)

Anton Radmer (drums)

Ole Koefoed Larsen (guitar)

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