Fountain of Youth by YVA

This song is a deep cavern, a lost memory that seems tainted with the artist’s bold strokes, and rich black lines. A critique or possibly more of a narrative on the machine that is social media and how we entertain the desires of youth. YVA’s haunting vocal is playfully expressed among rhythmic guitar and percussive groove. I think the bass is quite well laid in the track, keeping the spine of the song from breaking. There are really tight transitions and well-composed melody that keep me hanging on to the artist’s delivery.

“I’m not just angry at the platforms that manipulate our insecurities for their own sales and engagement, but at us as consumers for feeding the beast. We know what they’re doing to us but we just keep praying to that machine. I hate that I’m an unwitting sales-person for my self-hate.”


YVA shares that the vocals for the track were recorded in a clothes closet(wardrobe), and perhaps that plays to this sense of closeness or proximity I feel with the songstress. YVA who previously performed under Eva Stone.

This track, part of the upcoming EP, Hype Machine, is written and recorded by YVA and her partner Jonathan Hibbert (formerly of Lilliput). Joined by drummer, Martyn Kaine and Anna Phoebe (strings/arrangement) one can get that sense of intimacy and presence that is felt in the work of Radiohead, and Massive Attack.

“This was the first piece of music I recorded where I honestly believed in what I had done. If nothing else, I can be proud I finally created something that has long been burning a hole in me. Feels good to get it out.'”


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