French Food by Elephant Castle

Loving this new simple but enticing retro-flavoured rock tune from Los Angeles-based project Elephant Castle. The musical mood is a masterful expression of the message. French Food is a remembrance and a dream of when we could do that simple and beautiful and essential thing of dining out together. It’s a moment out of your day to remember and savour and long for that missed experience; of enjoying company and conversation and the intimacy of a beautiful shared experience. Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Danyew describes the mood as “cheeky” and “playful.”

For me, French Food is full of longing and nostalgia, yet strangely (and refreshingly) it doesn’t move into sad, dark, or despairing. It’s just dreaming….remembering… savouring even, perhaps.

The musical geography is scenic. I’m drawn in with the big, moving bassline and the faint hues of retro-psychedelia in the groovy repetition of the electric guitar backdrop. The tempo seems both fast and slow…moving me forward and slowing me down. I can’t resist the invitation…and then I’m pulled fluidly and effortlessly into a warm, dreamy chorus. And as I write the word, I know that’s what really attracts me…it all feels so effortless. I am subtlely swept away in the current of the guitars and the easy movement of the song structure; soothed into reverie by Danyew’s easy and flawless vocal delivery. In the end, I’m just floating downstream looking at the shapes of the clouds in the sky. It’s a nice break. You should try it out.

Elephant Castle was formed by Phil Danyew in 2019 and received notice from Rolling Stone with its first single Cool to Be Unhappy. French Food is their second release of 2021. Danyew has been writing and recording music since the age of 12–and it shows. IMR looks forward to keeping a pulse on his work.

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