Futurecide hits us with a spacey fluctuating sci-fi vibe that warms us in a gentle lo-fi minimalist glow. Kid Dakota aka Darren Jackson has grabbed our attention, this tune, Futurecide is featured on the album Age of Roaches, which delves into a depths of nuclear annihilation, ecological collapse, addiction, forced human migration, physical trauma, the overwhelming presence of infinite space and time all wrapped up in a bow. This is definitely a concept album and this tune is rolls the listener in and out of that depth and theme.

There are lush synth interludes layered with dynamic, driven guitars and percussion. The vocals are pensive at times and elevated in others. The song comes across very much as a story.

Playing alongside some notable Minnesota talents, Alan Sparhawk, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Christopher McGuire, Ian Prince, Matthew Kazama, and Justin Korhonen, Darren has brought together a star studded cast to walk with him in the production of the album. Recorded in various Minnesota studios during the Covid Summer, this post-apocalyptic narrative seems fitting in the wake of the global pandemic.

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