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Giving In by Sarah Perrotta

Sarah Perrotta has a dynamic sense of space in her vocal. I love the production in this new song, "Walls."

Sarah Perrotta has a dynamic sense of space in her vocal and I absolutely love the production in this new song, “Giving In.” The track ebbs and flows through an emotional roller coaster. The pace is really dynamic, with a lot of big transitions and new landscapes that are famously poured over while the percussion keeps an almost frenzied solid pace.

Sarah’s voice is really serene in its delivery. There are moments where she is pushing and cascading out of the verses where her voice flutters, I think the flutter in her tone is quite endearing. I am enamored with the uniqueness of this delivery.

The song was recorded in Woodstock NY, with the impeccable Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel) being on the bass. His playing adds so much to the quality of the recording. Along with other members Johnnie Wang, and Will Olsen the band is made of ringers. This professionalism is everywhere, and it’s stunning in this recording.

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