Glow by Suburban Living

Originally from Virginia Beach, Suburban Living was started in 2012 by Wesley Bunch. The latest track definitely pays homage to Joy Division and The Cure, which are strong in and throughout. They have a unique brassy sound that I think stands this band up in a sea of dreamy washed out players.

The guitars are great, and the driving rhythm is magnetic. For me this is a great biking song, the track makes me want to move and it feels real good in your headphones.

When I wrote “Glow” I wanted to tap into that feeling of being happily lonely. Some of the best moments of my life were when I didn’t own a phone, or felt like I had to interact with anyone. I know technology has made life a million times easier, and the world is a much better place with humanity connected but I still miss those moments. Almost all of my songwriting is based in nostalgia, so moments like these are really special.”

Wesley Bunch , lead singer of Suburban Living

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