Jeremy Pascal on IMR

Good Drugs by Jeremy Pascal

It’s not often you find that resonates on all levels, that connects with the mind, and soul. New artist Jeremy Pascal has flipped the narrative of mindless listening with their introspectively engaging and vibey sound. With its intricacies of production choices, funereal and unforgettable melodies, “Good Drugs” has you swallowing hook, line and sinker as it reels you in. In the same vein as trailbzers like and Lil Pe, while taking influence from old-school , this new band will appeal to fans of 21 Pilots and

Jeremy Pascal’s debut track “Good Drugs

Jeremy Pascal on IMR

Through this new project, Jeremy Pascal – a colboration by Tino Romana, Julian Propst, and Nico Winkler – serves as an emblem of creativity, ingenuity, but most importantly, survival. 

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