Green (Mean Time) by Corvair

Coming off the new album set to debut in February, Corvair’s power-pop emo dreamscape is captivating. I found the bold steps in the chorus added this lovely melodic push, a nice touch and really engaging. The guitar tone suits this 90’s grunge sound, similar to Morella’s Forest, or all those classic bands touting their sick Boss overdrive pedal. 🤘 But honestly, the tone is really much more tube and analog sounding, with really nice girth in the low end and a punchy driving rhythm and bass once the song opens up. The electronics are great as a bit of salt to the mix, overall this is a great indie rock sound.

I think it’s a wonderfully weird record, but also very in-your-face pop because what else are you going to do when the world feels like it’s ending?”

Heather Larimer

Corvair is the project of Brian Naubert and Heather Larimer. This married couple has been together for 3 decades, moving in and out of various styles during that time. This release was written during the spring of last year, and recorded with drummer Eric Eagle (Jesse Sykes, Wayne Horvitz) and engineered by Martin Feveyear (Brandi Carlile, Mark Lanegan, Mudhoney).

The couple has been prolific over the years as they combined, have appeared in over 20 albums. This is their first release together and the result is an exceptional track that has all the right pieces to become a classic.

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