Happy Murder Electric by Dancing with Ghosts

Dancing WIth Ghosts is an alt-electric band from Jacksonville, Florida. Their latest tune, Happy Murder Electric is a nuanced alt-electronic tune with some dark undertones. The band, Dancing With Ghosts was started by Josh Cannon in 2015, and while he attempted to work within the standard structure he found that he needs to go on his own path, ultimately teaming up with Stephanie Conner. Her pop-influenced vocal and energetic flair work so well in accompanying Josh’s intensity. I love the Rob Zombie style production this band seems to effortlessly put together. The music is much more of a synth-pop dark-wave vibe, but the visuals are really sweet.

The band has made a name for themselves by creating numerous dark, gothic videos on Youtube, and amassing quite a following there. This tune, Happy Murder Day, is super catchy. I love the melodic vocal delivery, Stephaine has such great sound for this. There’s some Amy Lee, with a bit of twee going on that is just fantastic. Check it out here, or follow them on their socials.

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